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We discover and share brand stories that build bridges to the people you want to reach. Stories about how you:

  • Solve problems.

  • Make life better.

  • Change the world (or your little part of it). 

The model for communicating your brand's value has changed dramatically. Previously, you had to pay or convince expensive or surly "gatekeepers" (the Yellow Pages, newspapers, TV and radio stations) to introduce you.

In our digitally connected culture, you now have a worldwide megaphone. That means, like it or not, every company, non-profit and brand is in the media business. The question is, how are you doing in your new role? How easy is it to find you on the web and social media? And when you are found, what do customers discover?

The good news is, life is better without the gatekeepers. There's never been a more strategic time to share your story on your terms with the people you want to reach.


Roy Harryman, principal of Roy Harryman Marketing Communications, speaks to an audience of real estate agents on "Outstanding Personal Branding." Thanks to Kansas City Real Estate for the opportunity to present.



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