Audio and Video for Serious Non-Professionals

I'm delighted and honored to speak at KC/IABC's upcoming lunch training. Here are the details from the e-newsletter:

Thursday, March 16, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.
Grunauer in the Crossroads

The ability to communicate with audio and video is quickly moving from a bonus skill to a must-have competence for communicators at all levels.

Many don’t have the budget or staff to delegate this area to specialists. Yet, to stay relevant to the marketplace, we must break new ground or get left behind.

Roy Harryman, principal of Roy Harryman Marketing Communications, will speak on “Audio and Video for Serious Non-Professionals” at a venue that is new for KCIABC, Grunauer in the Crossroads.

Roy brings 25 years of DIY experience as a journalist, cause-based communicator and now independent consultant for small businesses and non-profits.

In this fast-paced, practical seminar, he’ll cover:
1.    Why your equipment isn’t as important as your approach.
2.    Should I create a podcast, video or both?
3.    Nuts and bolts of how a podcast works and how you can record one today.
4.    Basic video essentials, including using your mobile phone.
5.    Editing and uploading audio and video (including hacks).
6.    A few recommendations about gear and budgets.
7.    Some examples of economical audio and video projects.